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From June 1 you can book any lesson in our schedule with membership only.

This is a one-time refundable fee of 200 CZK.

Payment will allow you to secure your place at the lesson, whether you pay for the lesson on the spot in cash, with a Multisport card or in other ways accepted by us. Payment by credit card is not possible in the studio.


The amount is used repeatedly for reservations and is forfeited only if you do not show up for the lesson or do not cancel the reservation in time.

Only in this case, the membership fee must be paid again for the possibility of re-booking.

Since this is a refundable deposit, in the case of payment of the deposit in cash, it is possible to return the deposit again in cash, in the case of payment to a bank account, we will return the deposit to the bank account.

Option 1:
paymentcard online

  • Okamžitý přístup k lekcím
    • Platba online
    • Okamžitý přístup k rezervacím
    • Včetně registrace

Option 2:
bank transfer

First it is necessary to register

  • Bank account: 10810808/2010

  • VS: phone number without prefix and space 

  • Note: email provided in registration

  • Amount: 200 CZK

Option 3:
payment in cash at the reception

First it is necessary to register

Only from Mon - Thur before lessons, when there is a receptionist in the studio. Fri - Sun, the lessons are without a reception, the lecturer opens.

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