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At the beginning yoga was just compensation to my everyday active but also sedentary lifestyle. Soon did I understand that it offers much more then stretching for sore muscles and I fell in love. Only week after I started my teacher training I was offered my first class to teach by one of my teachers? Coincidence? I do not think so as I truly believe everything is happening for a reason.

 I am not a morning person, but there is something special on that feeling sharing your practice and all the positive energy with others before going to work. Feeling the strength and joy in my own body gives me power for the corporate job, where every change takes ages. Yoga is simply my favorite “assistant“ - helping me living better life and with that much needed changes in my both personal and work life.

My main goal when teaching is to let students understand their individual rhythm of breath and connect it with all the different and sometimes challenging asanas, because without breathing, yoga is just moving without all the other benefits. I always make sure my classes are also accessible and clear for beginners.

I am looking forward to seeing you on my classes! And do not forget, you are the mirror of your own life.

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