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I got into yoga for the first time when I was 18 and I left with the words, I will never practice this again. And now, a few years later, I live yoga. I have been teaching yoga for 3 years. 

My practice and thus the transmission of yoga is based on the teachings of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga, supplemented by knowledge of physio and breath working.  


What do my lessons look like? 

During my lessons, we focus on breathing as much as possible. Because we can only breathe  Really grab the position and get deeper. I pay great attention to the correct execution of positions, because I coined the motto that even at the age of 101 I want to practice yoga. I am constantly learning, through my daily practice and working with my clients. Working with people teaches me empathy and empathy with a foreign body and mind. My yoga lessons are not about me, but about you. My job is to understand your body, your needs and to help you on the path of yoga. My goal is for you to leave my lesson with a smile, full of energy and in love with yoga and yourself.  


Yoga is a medicine, but like any medicine, we need to be able to handle yoga. Otherwise, even the most miraculous medicine can turn into a poison.  


Completed courses and certificates: 

200 hours of Hatha yoga course, I took the "UNDERGROUND SCHOOL" course of the amazing Dalibor Štědronský and spent hours and hours self-study.

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