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General conditions 

  • Each client is obliged to familiarize himself withAccording to the operating regulations of the studioand with the Terms and Conditions. By purchasing a one-time entry, course, workshop or season ticket, you confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the Operating Rules and undertake to fully respect and comply with them.

  • In the studio, we accept cash for payment of lessons, courses, workshops and additional assortment in the studio, payment by bank transfer, as well as online payments for payment of the membership fee (see Booking lessons). Also, partner cards Multisport, Sodexo and Benefit Plus.


Reservationand ulesson castle 

  • Clients who want to make a reservationlesson, they can only do so throughreservation systemon (not by phone or e-mail). After making a reservation for the desired lesson, the system will automatically send you an email confirming your reservation.

  • Only "Registered Clients" have this option after purchasing a Membership. 

  • Membership at the price of CZK 200 can be purchased onlineonline payment on the website of the studio, in exceptional cases at the reception. This amount serves purely as a guarantee of your participation in the lessons and its validity is (if it is not a case of non-participation or late cancellation of the lesson) unlimited in time.

  • Registration is possible on the pages in the upper right corner, and membership can be purchased there in the "Membership" section. The same procedure also applies to owners of Multisport cards.

  • The lesson or season ticket can then be paid on the spot with cash, a Multisport card, Sodexo, Benefit plus cards, or after prior agreement at, by bank transfer or payment from the employer, if such a benefit allows.

  • If the studio cancels an individual lesson, you will be informed about this change via e-mail or SMS.

  • You can also come to classes without a reservation (in case of free capacity, see the reservation system on the studio's website).



  • The lesson reservation can be canceled by the client no later than 5 hours before the start of the lesson. Clients can log out of the lesson in the user interface at or by phone. It is not possible to unsubscribe by email or SMS.

  • In case of later cancellation or non-participation, the client is charged a cancellation fee of CZK 200, when the deposit in the form of a membership fee is forfeited for non-participation in the lesson or its late cancellation.

  • This method applies to all clients of the studio, whether they pay for the lesson on the spot in cash, with a Multisport card or other accepted payment methods.

  • The account for reservations will be unblocked after payment of the new "Membership fee" in the amount of CZK 200 on the website of the studio in the manner see membership

  • If you arrive late to the studio, you will no longer be allowed into the hall. If you are not present in the hall at the time the lesson starts, your reservation right and thus the membership fee of CZK 200 will be forfeited.

Contact information

BeKaYo s.r.o

ID number: 07187670

VAT number: 07187670

Hradešínská 2387/31, Prague 10

775 970 638

(we are not VAT payers)


Thank you for your understanding and we are glad that you are training with us.

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