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I have been working as a teacher of group fitness lessons for more than ten years. In my practice, there were mostly strength training lessons and lessons inspired by martial arts. A few years ago, I was looking for compensatory exercises for myself, so yoga came my way. The first moments for me were mainly marked by stretching and subsequent relaxation after my fitness lessons. Only later did I understand that yoga is much more, and I began to practice more and more, more often, and for longer. I fell in love with yoga.

I completed a course for yoga teachers and then went to practice in India for two months, where I felt the effects of pranayama, meditation, deepened my asana practice, and tried to absorb wisdom from my Indian teachers. It was one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in my life, and especially in life. In 2019, I completed coaching training for yoga teachers also in India, and my practice has moved a little further. I am currently preparing for the next coaching degree, which I would like to take again in the cradle of yoga, as soon as the situation in the world allows.

I compile the lessons so that everyone has the opportunity to find their practice, their breath and perhaps also peace from the often busy Prague life. I take practicing yoga as a way of life and I am happy to share with you everything that my journey has brought and still brings.

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