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Yin Yang yoga

Pilates Stretches

In Tao concept, yin represents female element - passive and cooling, while yang represents male element - dynamic and warm. These two cannot exist without each other and only together can create ideal balance of elements.


With the same approach, yin yang yoga combines both principles yin and yang and brings physical and spiritual balance.


Yin part of the class uses combined knowledge of Chinese medicine, chakras and miofascial tissues in the body in longer holds to release tension and all body structures deeply. You will often use props such as straps, bolsters and blocks to relax and later on, this gentle passage will be followed by more vigorous yang practice such as vinyasa or hatha yoga to warm up the body and get the blood flowing.


This class is always finished by long shavasana, sometimes even by a short aromatherapeutic massage.


Led by our instructors Anna and Petra, yin yang is a gentle class suitable for all levels, including beginners.

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