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My yoga journey started when I was a kid with back pain and honestly, at the time, I didn´t enjoy “the breathing“ at all. Some years later, I rediscovered yoga in the US and wow, I fell in love immediately and completely. I have been practicing for more then 15 years now, widening my horizons with new knowledge and new yoga styles constantly. I demolished too many yoga mats on my way but the more I practice, the more I realize the journey is just at the beginning. Yoga and human body as a perfect and complex mechanism is fascinating me and I am happy when I can share my knowledge and my tips how to enjoy this self study, wellbeing process with my clients.

Out of the studio, my life is very usual so you find me sitting 9 to 5 at my office desk, so I know too well how stretching and strengthening is important for the body. Therefore, most of my classes are fluid, dynamic and challenging to compensate our lifestyle, I teach my client to melt, surrender to their breath and feel blissed afterwards.

Let’s practice together, every single day.

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