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What to wear and what to bring:

Anything comfortable, we practice barefoot. Yoga mats and all other props are available in the studio and everything is cleaned regularly for your maximum comfort. We recommend do not eat at least one hour before the class.

How to pay the class?

Single drop-ins as well as multipasses are available for sale in the studio. We accept cash, Multisport cards, Benefit cards, Sodexo passes. Prices

First timers:

Please come at least 10mins before your class and always tell your teachers this is your first yoga class. Then she will pay you all attention you need to learn well the basics for your yoga journey. Do not stress and just enjoy the class, the progress will come with repetitive practice only.

Studio rules:

  • Always lock all your belongings in the lockers

  • Come early, late arrivals cannot be accepted as we want to ensure calming experience for those already in class

  • Please mute your mobile phone

  • Minimum age is 12 years


Personal data protection (GDPR):

All your personal data is treated according with Directive on protection of personal data. With a reservation in our system you do not order any newsletter or anything similar, we respect your privacy.


More detailed studio rules available on the link below:

Reservation rules

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