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Kristyna N.


“Learning life since 1988”


My name is Kristyna, I was born in Prague and I have literally been practicing yoga since childhood. As a kid, involuntarily forced to asanas because of my bad posture.

Many years ago, while living in the US and after an injury, yoga was the only option of movement I had at the time. I met an awesome teacher and my yoga journey begun again, but in a completely new, intensive way.

And after return to Prague, it helped me overcome the sadness, depression and some challenging lifetime situations. It became more then a workout, a solution for my hard days, source of calmness.

And at this moment, I decided to become a teacher, to share all the benefits yoga has to offer, working not just with our body but our mind and soul. And if there was only one person I could help, it would be enough. So I teach since then, other people and myself at the same time.

My classes are various, most of them influenced by my long-term practice and power yoga, vinyasa and ashtanga schools, but I also love the slow pace of yin and restorative yoga. My philosophy is to help and to let everyone, doesn’t matter gender, age, experience or skills, benefit from yoga. All classes are accessible to everyone and everyone will have the attention during the class just as they need.

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