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At first, I used yoga as a compensation to other sports such as running, spinning, gym but as usual, it gradually took over and now, yoga is the way I move in my body, the main source of relax and new energy after a long day at work.

No need to mention that yoga is no more just the physical practice with me. Working as a masseur therapist in The Centre for Physical Medicine by Prof. Kolar and studied tantra yoga, cchi kung, I believe also in the subtle energies, practice reflexology, kinesiology and Chinese medicine.

Therefore, I prefer gentle, holistic yoga such as hatha and yin yoga, having deep respect to understanding the uniqueness of every single body.

My classes usually mix both structure and intuition, depending on the vibes of the days and atmosphere in the shala. I will be most grateful if you come and make you day a bit better with yoga.

​My motto: Sometimes life turns us upside down to teach u show to stand on our feet.

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