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Linda D.


I first encountered yoga about 18 years ago, mainly through the books of André van Lysebeth. At that time, I was fascinated not only by the asanas that I tried at home almost secretly, but also by the whole lifestyle that yoga represents. I am grateful that she has not left me since then (even though there were a few breaks :) and she is with me every day.

I lead lessons in classical hatha yoga, where, in addition to asanas, I also include pranish breathing exercises, dynamic relaxation or elements of yin yoga so that each lesson enriches our yoga practice and we enjoyed the time we spend together.

I am a graduate of the educational program for lecturers of the Czech Academy of Yoga with an extension to international certification (RYT). My favorite specialization is yin yoga (I became a teacher under the guidance of Angela Jervis-Read and I also attended Sarah Powers courses).

And because I never have enough yoga, I'm studying a three-year program of yoga philosophy at FFUK.

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